Fitter From Wales

Hi Jason,

Thanks mate that’s great news on getting my skills assessment. You made it super easy for me.


Fitter from Ireland

Thank you for all your help with getting my certificate III. I needed it ASAP to keep my job on the mines. Your service was far more streamline and affordable then what others in Perth were offering me. I will let other fitter know about your services cheers Andy


Electrician from South Africa

Thank you for your help Jason I would highly recommend your business to any SA electrician you made the process stress free


Electrician from Italy

Thank you for the great news and thank you for your help through the trade recognition process.

Please let me know what are the next steps that I have to follow to get the provisional license and then the fully license. Thanks again, Dario


Metal Machinist from the Philippines

Good day!

Thanks for sending me a copy of the successful skills assessment outcome letter.

Thanks a million, times.


Irish Metal Fabricator

Cheers Jason thanks for your help with getting my trade recognized


Irish Plumber

It was a refreshing change dealing with your straight forward trade recognition service


Electrician from Ireland

I got my PR visa for Australia. Thank you and Julie for your help, I know I would not have done it myself. I appreciate all the work you two have done.

Thanks again,

Alan Bogle

Irish Metal Fabricator

Just a quick mail to say thanks for your help in obtaining my trade recognition and that I would highly recommend your services to anyone moving to Australia, your service made life a whole lot easier for me.


Air Con and Refrigeration Mechanic from Ireland – now living in Perth

Having worked for four years with Denis Hennessey Refrigeration & Air Conditioning in my native Wexford, I made up my mind to leave the company and make the bold move from Wexford to Perth, leaving my family and friends behind. It was a massive decision, writes Vinnie Sullivan, now working with Morgan Mechanical Services in Australia.

From the Sunny South East to the most isolated city in the world – living the dream or just making the most of the opportunity?

I did my Phase 2 in Bishopstown in Cork and then both Phase 4 and Phase 6 in DIT Bolton St, obtaining a merit in refrigeration and air conditioning in 2012. During this time I was lucky enough to compete in the National Skills competition and go on to represent Ireland in the Worldskills Competition in London in 2011, obtaining a medallion of excellence.

Leaving a full time job one month after I was qualified, and a week before my 23rd birthday, I was nervous, but I knew I had to experience Australia for myself. I couldn’t bear to have that “what If” hanging over me so I took the risk. Thankfully, it is one I definitely do not regret.

When I came over initially it was difficult – there are all types of challenges like socialising, obtaining licences and “safe cards” to work. I found Jason Green of Skill Shortage Solutions a great help in obtaining licences for work and visas, as well as providing information. Also, there are a few great websites like Irish around Perth, Irish around Oz and Irish Families around Perth. These have been a great help to many Irish people and make it much easier for the transition.

After just two weeks and having applied for around six jobs, I fortunately got two offers. I am still in the one I accepted on a 457 visa with Morgan Mechanical Services, doing about 95%installations of Daikin air cons, cold rooms and evaporative bionaire systems. Most of our work has been for government jobs installing ac in schools across WA. The standard of the jobs has to be very high quality. I have been put in charge of the refrigeration and air con on many jobs, earning the role of “Refrigeration Project Supervisor”.

Our company has 10 skilled Irish workers, something that is not unusual for companies throughout Western Australia. I have noticed one major common factor across all trades since working here – we are very much sought after as skilled workers in our chosen professions, and a lot of Irish quickly rise to the top positions. This is a testament to FÁS, and indeed Irish people and their work ethic.

Working in the heat is a big factor. Sun cream and water are essential, but personally I would rather 30º than 0º any day. I’m currently working on a project with 16 VRVs doing 55-70 hours a week with the option of more if I want. Job opportunity and career progression are massive factors for me here. I feel if you work hard you will get rewards and the sky is the limit.

The work is definitely easier here. You don’t work as hard or as fast as you would in Ireland and on numerous occasions myself and a few others have been told to slow our work down and not to work ourselves out of a job. That said, when push comes to shove we always get the job done on, or before, the deadline.

When I’m not in work the option to go to the beach, go for a walk or just sit outside and socialise with friends is at my fingertips. The weather here is such a major plus factor because of the sun. Not really knowing how long I will stay, I like to get outside and enjoy it as much as possible. I play football (soccer) with a local team which gives me a break from thinking about work 24/7 … it is definitely a lot easier to live a healthy lifestyle in Perth.

That said I, and about 90% of the Irish people like myself I come across, still feel we will eventually return to Ireland to settle – is i mbaile a bhfuil an croi.


Electrician from the UK now living in Sydney

Hi there Jason, I was just wondering if you could send me a receipt of some kind for the trade recognition please that would be great. Im going to try and and get some money back from the tax office.

Also I have passed my licence now and I thank you again for getting me the trade recognition. Much appreciated.

Regards Lewis Manners


Metal fabricator from Ireland – now working in the oil and gas industry in Queensland.

I came to Australia over 5 years ago as a permanent resident but I did not have Australian recognized qualifications, I have been struggling to get onto Oil & Gas jobs and some Mining jobs for years. Jason helped several of my friends to get their skills recognized so I bit the bullet and signed up with skill shortage solutions, since getting my qualifications recognized I have been happily doing FIFO jobs on several of the biggest oil and gas construction jobs in Australia.


Car Mechanic from the UK now living in Perth.

I had a lot of experience in my trade however I had no idea I could get my skills Australian recognized, I had spent months on the internet going around in circles getting conflicting advice. Within 3 months of contacting Michael at Skill Shortage Solutions. I now have recognized Australian motor mechanic qualifications. After I got my skills recognized, Jason found me a job in Perth. I could not speak more highly of skill shortage solutions. Thanks again!!


E&I Technician from Ireland now living in WA.
Thank you to all the team at SSS, I now have my electrical license and a job I always dreamed of.


Diesel Mechanic from the UK now living in WA

I have experience with mining and construction equipment from Ireland but I struggled to get onto the mining jobs in WA without skills recognition. Jason & his team guided me through the whole process and within a few weeks of getting my skills recognized, I was working a 2/1 FIFO job in WA. I wish I called skill shortage solutions before I arrived in Australia


Electrician from the UK now living in Darwin

My employer would not sponsor me unless I had my electrical license and I was running out of time on my visa, my friend recommend I called skills shortage solutions. Jason & Michael completed my trade recognition both on time and as per cost agreed. I now have an NT Electrical license and a sponsorship employer.


Carpenter from Ireland now living in Perth

I would recommend skill shortage to anyone, I have had a lot of employers over the years and found doing my skills recognition for my visa almost impossible, The skill shortage team knew exactly what to do and I am now a permanent resident. Thank you.


Electrician from Ireland now living in Darwin

Dear Jason Greene, I’d just like to say thank you for all your help getting my trade recognised. I really appreciate all your help. If I hear of anyone in the future looking for the same I’ll recommend you.

Thanks again Kind Regards Shane


Electrician from Sweden now living in Melbourne

I wanted to get licensed in Australia when I arrived on my working holiday but could not figure out how to do so. I called Jason at Skill Shortage Solutions and he helped my get my Swedish trade qualifications recognized in Australia and guided me through the rest of the licensing process. I am now looking to get sponsored and stay in Australia long term. Thank you skill shortage solutions.


Electrician from Dublin now living in Darwin

I went to a Skill Shortage Solutions Seminar in 2012. I was very sceptical of the process as I fully believed my apprenticeship instructors who told me regularly that I could travel anywhere with my Irish apprenticeship. Michael of Skill Shortage Solutions told us all on the night that we had been misled by FAS into believing our trade and qualifications was recognised globally and that he had learned the hard way it was not recognized in Australia. I left the seminar and travelled to Australia without taking Michael’s advice. Once I arrived I quickly realised that the man had been completely honest with us and it was a complete nightmare being in Australia without having an Australian Licence. I called Skill Shortage Solutions immediately and got my licencing process underway with them. I am now a fully licenced Electrician and have become an Australian Permanent Resident with the help of Skill Shortage Solutions


Electrician from Ireland – now living in NSW

I would recommend skill shortage solutions to any Irish electrician moving to Australia .

Jason and the staff helped me gain my trade recognition for licensing, I tried to gain it with a different agency and failed, I contacted Jason when this happened and he said he would help make a new application. Jason and the staff know the system and how to prepare the application correctly. Now finally I can apply for my electrical license.Thanks a million Jason and the Skill Shortage Solutions team.

Thanks again Kind Regards Shane


Electrician from Ireland now living in Sydney

Skill shortage solutions assisted my in gaining trade recognition, they have been extremely helpful and I got my trade recognition very quickly. I would recommend them to any Irish Electrician looking to make the move to Australia.


Electrician from Ireland

I would recommend any trades person coming to Australia to work to use skill shortage solutions to get there skills recognized, when i first arrived i didn’t and tried to get my skills recognition and failed miserably, I then used skill shortage solutions and they helped me every step of the way, they answered every question I had and kept in contact with me throughout the whole process now have my trade recognized and can now get on with getting work. Thanks a million Jason and the skill shortage solutions team.


Irish Electrician

When i first came to Australian, a friend recommended that i would use Skill Shortage Solutions. I found them very helpful and very easy to talk too. They went to work straight away and got my trade recognition processed as quickly as possible. I would have no problems recommending them to a friend in the future.


Electrician – Cork, Ireland

I was in Australia on a working holiday visa in 2005 and found it very hard to find electrical work or get sponsored as I did not have an Electrical license. When then recession hit Ireland in 2008 I knew it was time to go, so I applied for permanent residency and after a long but worthwhile wait I finally received my 176 permanent resident visa. I was not going to make the same mistake again so I contacted skill shortage solutions before I left Ireland and they assisted me with the licensing process from start to finish. I am now living very comfortably in Perth, I have a well paid job and a real future ahead of me. It was great to have all my paperwork in order on arrival and be able to get my electrical license so quickly. Thank you for all your help, it was worth every penny!!


Electrician – Cork, Ireland

I used skill shortage solutions to assist me in getting my skills recognized before I went to Australia. Skill shortage solutions was more than helpful with any questions I needed answered and my skills assessment was successful. Since I have arrived in Australia, skill shortage solutions still keeps in contact with me and keeps me posted on any jobs opportunity’s that might be of interest too me. I would highly recommend skill shortage solutions to anyone interested in getting their skills recognised in Australia.


Electrician – Longford, Ireland

I found Skill Shortage Solutions very helpful in getting my visa sorted for Australia as only for them i would never have succeeded. They helped me in every step of the way including licensing, sponsorship visa and they set me up with a job also which i found great, I am here in Australia about two weeks now and i would recommend it to anyone. If you are thinking about moving down under I strongly recommend you contact Skill Shortage Solutions and let them guide you through the process and again i say these guys are very helpful and I would give them 10 out of 10 for all the help they gave me.


Electrician – Cork, Ireland

I attended Skill Shortage Solutions first ever Electricians seminar in Cork. Jason provided all the information I needed as to the right pathway to gain a new life in Australia and an Electrical license. He couldn’t have made things easier, he took all the stress out of it, all I had to do was get on the plane! Shortly after I landed I had numerous job offers emailed to me via Jason, and now thanks to him and his team I have a great full time job in Perth with guaranteed visa sponsorship. Many thanks to you and your team Jason, I will be recommending you to all my friends!


Electrician – Ireland

Hi Jason, I just wanted to let you know my latest news since I was in contact with you last. I was told today that my 457 visa has been granted for me and my girlfriend I am working with a great company in Brisbane and I have obtained my Queensland electrical licence Julie Burke was also a great help and she looked after my visa application. I just wanted to thank you Jason for all your help for without it i would not have achieved my sponsorship visa. I can now look forward to four years working here. I have spread the word about skill shortage solutions to other electricians who are looking to work in Australia Thanks again Jason



Co. Tyrone, Ireland
Jason Greene and his team at Skill Shortage Solutions were more helpful than they had to be. It made my move Down Under so easy that there were times I thought it was too good to be true. I arrived in Australia with everything imaginable already sorted from CV’s, visas, TFN and most importantly a JOB!!

Thanks again Jason.


Electrician relocated from Ireland to Australia and used our Skills Recognition Services:

“Hi Jason, I’m just mailing to thank you for all your help during this process as it would have been otherwise impossible. I’ve recommended you and your services to loads of electricians both here and in Ireland. Kind Regards Philip”


Electrician relocated from Ireland to Australia and used our Skills Recognition Services:

Chris said after we informed him that his skills recognition application was successful:
“Cheers and thanks for all your help well, worth getting it all started when I was in Ireland. Ill def recommend you to anyone I know in the same position coming from home”


Electrician – Co. Tipperary, Ireland

In January 2011 I called skill shortage solutions about a working holiday visa for Australia and also how to apply for my electrical license. I found them to be very helpful with all the information I needed plus anything else I was unsure of, they quickly helped me out in regards to getting my Electrical License. They got me my working holiday visa and set me up with a bank account before I arrived in Perth they also got everything I needed to apply for my Electrical License before I left Ireland. Upon arriving in Australia I called them to keep in touch and I was only here for 4 days when they set me up with a job and visa sponsorship. I would highly recommend skill shortage solutions as the best visa company around they are very professional and friendly and have all the information anyone needs about visas.


Electrician – Middleton, Cork, Ireland

I found Skills Shortage Solutions to be an excellent service all round, Straight away after the Electricians Seminar I decided to get my skills recognized and a working holiday visa with Skill Shortage Solutions, I was also given clear, concise step by step instructions on everything I needed to do in regards to gaining an Australian Electrical License. The whole process was far quicker than I expected and 90% of it was done through email. Anytime I had any difficulty or was in any doubt I simply called the office or Jason’s mobile and was assisted there and then. I landed in Australia in early February 2011 and I am starting with an Electrical company that Skill Shortage Solutions has organized for me.


Electrician – Co. Dublin, Ireland

When I found out that Electricians needed a license to work in Australia, I was lost as to where to start. So I went to a Skill Shortage Solutions Electricians seminar and after 1 to 2 hours Jason had nailed everything I needed to know from skill recognition, to licensing, CV preparation and the various visa’s available to me.

I proceeded with a Premium Package working holiday visa and skills recognition through Skill Shortage Solutions.

After I had my skills recognized, I started sending my Professional CV & Cover Letter to Australian companies in Perth, within 10 minutes I had already received a possible sponsorship job offer and now with less than 3 weeks before I head to Perth, I have a couple of job offers to chose from.

The difference between Skill Shortage and other migration agents is that, they’ll get you working ASAP!!

Thanks to all at Skill Shortage Solutions!


Electrician from Ireland, now living in Western Australia

I would highly recommend Skills Shortage Solutions to anyone looking to get their skills recognized in Australia. They provide a very informative, efficient and highly professional service.

I had tried to apply for skills recognition myself before knowing of Skills Shortage Solutions, but I ran into some difficulty due to an error when filling out some of the paperwork. This error could have been avoided had I used Skills Shortage Solutions in the first place. However, they had no problem taking over and advising me on what to do and within no time at all I had the issue resolved.

As I have already mentioned I have and will continue to recommend Skills Shortage Solutions to anyone looking to get their skills recognized or gain an Electrical license in Australia.


Dentist – Co. Kerry, Ireland
I had decided to move to Australia on a working holiday visa when I applied for a job in Sydney through Skill Shortage Solutions. I was quickly called and interviewed for the job, Skill Shortage Solutions explained everything I needed to know including that I required Australian Dental Registration, after looking into the registration process I decided to get Skill Shortage Solutions to assist me with my application which was successful. Soon after I had applied for registration Skill Shortage Solutions had a Dental Organization in Sydney interested in employing me permanently. 2 months later I started working with the company in Sydney on my working holiday visa and within 6 weeks the company offered to sponsor myself and my partner on a 4 year work visa. Thank you Skill Shortage Solutions!


Electrician – Louth, Ireland
I spent 15 months out of work and was so tired of searching for employment in Ireland. My wife and I had been discussing moving to Australia, but where to start was the next big step. After searching the internet for work in Oz. I came across Skill Shortage Solutions based in Ireland so I decided to email them and suss it out. Jason Greene immediately replied and offered me the chance to attend one of his Electricians seminars. At the seminar he explained everything in so much detail in such a short time that myself and my wife knew ”this fella knows what he is talking about”. The next day I sent Skill Shortage Solutions my details and proceeded with their visa and skills recognition services so I could gain the ability to hold an Australian Electrical License. Within a matter of days I had sent off all my paper work which was requested. Waiting on the results of my skills assessment left us anxious but I was re-assured that my application was strong and true to his word less than 3 months after attending the seminar I had not only passed my assessment but I also had a job waiting for me with one of the companies Jason presented at the Electricians Seminar. Skill Shortage Solutions were prompt in their replies and explained everything in detail from start to finish. And the skills assessment and visa fee was much LESS than other companies. I am heading to Queensland on the 22nd Jan 2011 and start work on the 31st, which was all made possible with the aid of Jason and all at Skill Shortage Solutions. Thank you so much.


Concreter – Dublin, Ireland

I applied for a position with Skill Shortage Solutions, based with a construction company in Melbourne; within 6 weeks I had started with my new employer on a working holiday visa and they have already agreed to sponsor me and my partner. It’s fantastic to be working full time again and being in a secure environment, not to mention living in the sunshine.


Electrician – Cork, Ireland

I wanted to go to Australia on a working holiday visa but I heard you need an Electrical Licence to work as an Electrician down under so I spent almost 6 months researching on how to gain an Australian Electrical Licence which proved to be harder then I had expected especially doing it on my own, when I finally gained the ability to hold a licence I started looking for work in Australia with not much luck, until I contacted Skill Shortage Solutions. I had a phone interview with Jason and within 24 hours I was offered a full time Electrical position in Australia. I started work in New South Wales less than a week later and my new employer is going to sponsor me and my family after I complete my trial period successfully. Thanks a million Skill Shortage Solutions.


Mechanic – Cork, Ireland

I was in Australia on a working holiday visa for several weeks and having no luck securing employment, I contacted Skill Shortage Solutions. They made me a professional CV and sent it to several companies. I was called for and interviewed for a job offering sponsorship less than a week later and I am still there today!


Midwife – Cork, Ireland

After I received my Australian Nursing Registration I contacted Skill Shortage Solutions. They quickly put me in contact with an Australian Healthcare Recruitment Specialist who arranged for me to be interviewed by an Australian hospital, shortly after they offered me visa sponsorship and a new life in Sydney.


Electrician – Kildare, Ireland

Attended the Electricians Seminar in Dublin 19th of June 2010

I think the seminar was absolutely brilliant to be honest. If ye want my overall opinion on it, well I thought it covered everything it needed to cover and more. It gave the lads looking for a one year working holiday visa all the stuff they needed and likewise the lads looking to go the permanent migration visa route. The category I fell into was the sponsored working visa as I have been over there before and I feel this is the best option for me. I have been searching the internet the last 3 or 4 months trying to find this and that about visa’s and everything else and it can be all very confusing to be honest and takes up hours upon hours of time.

To go into your seminar for a few hours and come out of it with all the answers to my questions and more, it was bloody great. Finally somewhere we can get answers for Australia without spending hours on the computer and still probably not find what your looking for.

Also to have tracked down companies that actually will sponsor Irish/ English Electricians when they do get a provisional trade license is absolute class mate. It’s like spoon feeding us the information which to be fair we all love.

I have already told 3 more people who you are and gave them the email address and I am positive they’ll be in touch.

Thanks for making sense of it all for me personally anyway mate.


Electrician – Cork, Ireland

I was trying to get an Electrical job in Sydney for months with no luck, I applied for a job with Skill Shortage Solutions and they explained the process of gaining an Australian Electrical Licence. They then took me step by step through the whole process and when I secured an Electrical licence they landed me a well paid job and visa sponsorship with a large Australian Electrical Contracting company.


Electrician – Cork, Ireland

I had been in Sydney looking for job for almost a month and things were not working for me. I contacted Jason at Skill Shortage Solutions who was already assisting me with gaining an Electrical license. He immediately knew what to do and 24 hours later I had 3 jobs offers in Sydney. I am now working full time as an Electrician. Thanks again for your help and I will be sure to tell my friends about Skill Shortage Solutions.


HR Advisor of a Heavy Vehicle Mechanical Repair company in Western Australia

We recently experienced problems finding a suitable applicant for an important H/D mechanic position. Skill shortage solutions quickly referred a recent arrival with appropriate working visa arrangement to us. The applicant started with us a few days later and is working out well, a professional service that I can recommend.


Owner/Manager of a Metal Fabrication Workshop in Western Australia

We have used Skill Shortage Solutions to recruit four tradespeople on either 457 or working holiday visas. They have provided a valuable alternative labour pool at a time when there is a shortage of quality tradesman. We are pleased with the tradesman we have recruited and the support provided by Skill Shortage Solutions.


Owner of an Electrical company in regional Western Australia

We have utilized Skill Shortage Solutions to assist us to find quality tradesman, we have found they have a good data base of trade’s people, many with experience in Australia. Jason and the team are well across the visa and legislative requirements that apply here in Australia

They make what can be a complicated process easy!


Electrician Trade Recognition Client, From the UK – now living in WA

Brilliant service, very helpful and all my questions answered very quickly and clearly!
Would recommend to anyone wanting help with trade recognition applications.


Panel Manufacturing Electrician from Ireland
Thank you very very much for helping me secure the panel job jason you and your company have been a great help I will most definitely recommend you to others here it will be in touch soon about getting my trade recognised with yourself all the best Stephen


Electrician (From Ireland but now living the dream in Perth, Western Australia)

I used skill shortage solutions to help me get an Electrical license before I went to Oz on my permanent residency visa. They helped me lodge all the paperwork I needed before I left Ireland and a few days after I arrived in Perth skill shortage solutions landed me an Electrical job in the field I specialize in.


Elecrician (From Ireland – now living by the beach in Sydney)

Hi Michael, I got the skills recognition certificate in the post yesterday. Thanks for all your help with getting it organised. Delighted to have it now. Much appreciated. I can move onto the next stage and look to get licenced etc. now and get sponsorship down the road.


Electrician (From Ireland but now living the dream in Perth, Western Australia)

After attending one of Skill Shortage Solutions seminars in the red cow Dublin last November I decided to go with their service.

I must admit I was a bit hesitant at first after speaking to so many extortionate emigration lawyers , However , what I found was a breath of fresh air, and a doorway through the brick wall I had reached in trying to find an affordable migration route for myself and my family.

After speaking with Michael O’Keeffe and realising his wealth of knowledge from personal experience I knew the service would be right for me. They did not disappoint, six months on from meeting Michael I am a fully licenced ‘A’ grade electrician living and working in Western Australia , with a 457 visa application underway and I am expecting my family to join me next month.

None of this would have been possible without the assistance of skill shortage solutions. Between Michael’s assistance in sorting the entire trade recognition application on my behalf and the constant help and guidance in how best to make the move from Ireland , and Jason’s expert CV assistance and job seeking advice whilst in Australia, I managed to land an excellent position with a large electrical company and find my feet in Perth without the pressure and stress associated with such a big move.

I cannot recommend Michael O’Keeffe and Jason Greene and Skill Shortage Solutions highly enough to anyone considering the move and would happily recommend them to my own friends and family should they consider the move in the future. If you are an Electrician considering the move at the moment then the first step is defiantly a Skill Shortage Solutions seminar.

Yours Sincerely Luke Nolan A very satisfied customer 


Electrician from Ireland – now living in Western Australia

Before getting in contact with skill shortage solutions I was clueless as how to gain my Australian Electrical license so I could work as an electrician in oz, Mike in Cork explained everything in detail and helped in every way possible with my application for Trade Recognition. On arriving in OZ I contacted Jason who was also very helpful with this. I got my Trade Recognition and can now work in OZ as a sparx thanks to skill shortage solutions help. I would highly recommend them as they knew exactly what to do and it was worth it as it would of been really complicated to get this on my own. Thanks for your help lads.


Electrician (Panel Builder)

Limerick, Ireland

I used skill shortage solutions to get my electrical license and a working holiday visa. They assisted me with every step of the process and when I arrived in Perth they found an excellent position for me in my line of work. I’d like to thank you for your help in this process and I will recommend you to my friends.



Co. Kerry, Ireland

I had the ability to gain an electrical license and I had a one year working holiday visa but I was struggling to find a long term Electrical employer in Perth. After contacting skill shortage solutions, they said my skills and experience were very good and they felt they would have no issue finding an employer for me. A few weeks later I was offered a well-paying electrical job in Perth with a client of skill shortage solutions, a company who is interested in sponsoring me once I have completed a trial.


Electrician from Ireland now living in Western Australia

Hi Jason, I would like to thank yourself and Michael for all the help with gaining the electrical licence! I have recommended the company to many!

Many thanks



Plumber from Ireland now living in Perth
I needed to get a Plumbing license in Australia and has no idea where to start I called Jason and he assisted me with gaining a plumbing license, the application was very complicated but Jason knew everything about it and 5 weeks later I had my plumbing license.

John McCarthy

Irish Electrician now living in Australia

Skill shortage solutions provided me with a great service. They are very professional and even after I paid the fees and received my trade recognition they still provide and help me when I need information. I am now working as a licensed electrician and in the process of getting sponsorship.


Electrician from Cork – now working in Perth

Skill Shortage Solutions “From the first Information Night to receiving my full Australian Electrical license S.S.S informative approach and professional manner was second to none making the whole Ozzy transition an easy move.


UK Electrician – Skills Recognition and Permanent Residency Client.

Skill shortage solutions were excellent in assisting me through my trade recognition and permanent residency application. always very helpful with all my questions. They even found me a job when I arrived in Perth. I would recommend Skill Shortage Solutions to anyone.


Irish Electrician now living the dream in Australia

Michael in Skill Shortage Solutions was absolutely brilliant in helping me to attain my Australian A Grade Electricians licence. My application was extremely complicated, but Michael knew exactly what to do. I was in Australia with my new Electricians licence within six months of attending Skill Shortage Solutions seminar in Cork. Highly recommended, they worked very hard for their fee.


Irish Electrician now living in Perth

Before I began my journey to Australia I knew I had to get a licence to work as an electrician once I got there but I didn’t have a clue how to gain possession of one of these electrical licences. So I rang Michael from Skills shortage. Michael was very helpful and explained in great detail exactly what I had to do. Michael then filled out ALL the application forms for me and assisted in all aspects of the process. Once I landed in Australia I than rang Jason who also explained to me exactly what I had to do. I now have my Trade Recognized and should have my full licence in the coming weeks. Thanks guys a top class professional company well worth the small fee ye charge.


Electrician from Ireland now living in Australia with his family.

Hi Michael/Jason

I was sceptical at first when i rang Jason Greene of Skillshortagesolutions, he told me the cost he told me what i had to do and then told me there were no guarantee I’d get a job. But without completing the Skill Shortage Solutions recommended Pathway. I was going nowhere. So I went to a seminar in Dublin and spoke with Jason and Michael. From meeting with them I understood that they knew the process of helping Electricians in Australia inside and out On 4/7/11 I started the process with Skill Shortage Solutions. Michael brought me through each step I followed all Skillshortagesolutions instructions and in NOV11 I passed the Pathway process. So now it was time to find a job in oz, Again I followed Skillshortagesolutions instructions and after only 3 weeks I had a positive callback from an Australian employer. I was getting 457 sponsorship. Through Skillshortagesolutions I organised the visa and on 27/2/12 we landed in oz to start our new life.

I cannot recommend skillshortagesolutions highly enough .

from me and my family Thanks so much lads. 


Irish Electrician now living in Perth and working at one of our client sites

Just want to say thanks for helping me get my Trade Recognition accepted first time. Ye made it so easy and well worth the money and a lot quicker than expected.


Irish Electrician
Skills shortage solutions has assisted me very well great bunch of guys very understanding will always help you out and get it done as fast as they can would recommend them to everyone no problem. Thanks guys.

Michael Metal Fabricator from Ireland

now working in the oil and gas industry in Western Australia
When I arrived in Australia I had no issue getting jobs with my Irish Qualifications but in the last few years I have been turned down point blank for not having Australian qualifications, I was recommended to call Skill Shortage Solutions and they got my qualifications recognized. I was very impressed with the service I received and would recommend any Metal Fabricator in the same position to call Jason.


Irish Electrician

I can’t recommend Skill Shortage Solutions enough, if you’re an electrician and looking to go to Australia your gonna need to have your electrical license, simple as that. It’s not easy and without the help of Jason and the Skill Shortage Solutions team I would have been lost. It’s much better to have the stuff prepared for when you arrive than thinking everything’s going to be grand and you get here and realise the Aussie company’s don’t want to know you if you haven’t got the license. I’d just like to say a big thanks to Jason and the team who were in constant contact with me throughout the process and helped me every step of the way.


Irish Electrician

Thank you very much for all your help in achieving my skills assessment. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone looking to acquire their trade recognition.

I may contact you next week regarding the process of getting my provisional license.


Electrician from the UK

Great news on getting my trade recognition, thanks for the help along the way! I am more then happy to supply a testimonial for you guys and I would highly recommend other electrician’s to contact Skill Shortage Solutions if they want to get their electrical license in Australia.


Motor Mechanic from Ireland

Hi Jason Thank you very much for your help with getting my migration skills assessment.